About Prisma

Prisma was started in year 1996 as an EOU based in Tamil Nadu.

Brand Prisma has its presence in about 6000 MBO’s and 20 EBO's spread across the country.

Brand Prisma has the highest market share in branded women’s leggings and jeggings in its area of operations.

"Let beauty adorn you". . .

  • Vision

    “To design happiness by attiring customers with trendy styles and be the most preferred brand.”

  • Mission

    “Prisma endeavours to innovate, collaborate and offer the best of designs, quality, fit, style and value to deliver constant customer happiness.”

  • Positioning

    BrandPrisma is positioned to cater to the essential and comfort wear segments.

    Brand Prisma follows the latest fashion trends to target the Millennials and Generation ‘Z’

    Brand Prisma has niche merchandise with affordable price points for catering to the mass segment.

  • Personality

    • Youthful
    • Confident
    • Vibrant
    • Bold
    • Exuberant
    • Different

Awards & Recognitions